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Save and protect your child and pools life. We provide Pool Safety Covers and Pool Safety Nets custom made for any shape and size pool.

Sunny Pool Covers is a privately owned hands on business that provides peace of mind regarding pool safety.

Our aim is to provide excellent customer service and custom made pool products to suit your individual needs. All work done personally by the owner Rian.


We have a wide range of pool products to meet your individual needs.


   We  do installation and maintenance of:


  • Pool Safety Nets ( 10cm & 8cm netting)
  • PVC Hook on Covers
  • Pool Leaf Catchers
  • Pool Solar Bubble Blankets
  • Pond Nets (4cm netting)



Benefits of covering your pool

  • Child and pet safety ( Pool Safety Net & PVC Cover)
  • Chemical usage decreases  ( PVC Cover & Solar Bubble Blanket)
  • No more algae growth (PVC Cover & Solar Blanket)
  • Increases temperature (PVC Cover & Solar Blanket)
  • Reduces water evaporation (PVC Cover & Solar Blanket)
  • Keep the Pool clean ( PVC Cover & Leaf Catcher)


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Pool Nets

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              A pool net can be fitted to any size or shape pool         4mm polythylene net is used       

           Custom made for any pool size or shape          Free floating, no fitting or anchor points required        &

Both the benefits of safety and maintenance when doing a net and solar blanket combo Available in Blue and Black

4x4 cm mesh net. Comes in color black and green. Perfect for safety of small pets and not children.

Heavy duty durable PVC Hook on Cover

Johannesburg& Pretoria
South Africa

Contact Us:
Mobile no:0829280744
Website: www.sunnypoolcovers.co.za
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