Solar Bubble Blanket:

Custom made for any pool size or shape

 Free floating, no fitting or anchor points required

 Increases water temperature by 5-6 degrees

 Reduces water evaporation by up to 80%

  Reduces maintenance by keeping pool free of dust, leafs and insects


  Warms pool during the day and reduces heat loss during night

  Light weight and easy to get on and off your pool

Colors available: Blue or Black

Pool Safety Net:

A pool net can be fitted to any size or shape pool

4mm polyethylene net is used

The net is securely anchored by using stainless steel hooks and plates and 100% safe when properly installed

Stabilizing central float is an added safety precaution which keeps the net well above water surface with an easy release system designed that it can only be remove    by an adult

10 cm or 8 cm mesh squares designed to be too small for a toddlers head to fit through and too big to be able to crawl or walk on

8cm mesh squares ideal to keep small dogs and children out of the pool

Colors available: blue and black

Photo Gallery
Pool net and Solar Bubble blanket Combo

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